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Idea4World Website Rules

Please be Nice :)
No offensive content
No spreading of any copyrighted material
No spamming or advertising
Admin decisions are final
  • Is there any registration fees to become a member?
    There is no membership fees for first 50 members or upto 31st December 2020.
  • Is my Login Credentials Safe and Secured?
    Yes, Just click on the Button provided on the Home Page and Your Credentials shall NOT be shared to any third party.
  • Can I insert a video and images in my posting my Idea?
    Yes, you can insert video and images while you post your idea.
  • Can I share my ideas on my social media platforms?
    Yes, you can share your ideas on any social media platform and invite your friends to like your ideas and follow you on Idea4World
  • Can My Account be Blocked or Cancelled by the Website?
    If any member will post any objectional or destructive ideas, videos, images or any other matter, than those members shall be black listed without any intimation or explanation and Account shall be cancelled for ever.
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